Ad Formats

Ad Formats

Text banners are one of the oldest forms of advertisement on the web and one of the most popular - for one reason: they are practical, easy to set-up and effective in delivering a message.

Text banners are quite effective when they appear within content of a webpage, prompting users to click. Text banner ads are selected based on their relevancy to content by our sophisticated algorithm.

Graphical banners are quite effective in delivering clear message in a very attractive way, after all a picture is always worth a thousand words. Banner ads can include information on specials, logos and more.

Graphical banners ads are always attractive, complementing the design and look of a page where they appear.

Relatively new form of web advertisement, pop-unders evolved form of pop up ads. One problem with pop ups is that they are quite annoying and a surfer's first reaction is to close the pop up window as soon as it opens. Pop-unders eliminate this problem by being less intruvie; appearing only when a surfer closes their current browser window.

Pop-unders could use any page of advertiser's website, or use a specially designed page as landing page to improve conversions.

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